Quadra Impedance Spectroscopy

Quadra platform is a patented impedance spectroscopy analyzer suitable for both embedding and autonomous field applications. Quadra is both compact and powerful. It enables very fast, real-time detection of changes in any object with electrical properties.

The impedance-mapping technology can be used for creating portable connected devices or large-scale industrial measurement systems. Quadra has existing applications in biomedicine and diagnostics, food technology as well as industrial process control.

Quadra platform

generates a binary waveform with real-time calculation of impedance. It is possible to select different sets of 15 spectrogram frequencies. The highest set, from 1 kHz to 349 kHz is suitable for applications from tissue and material structure mapping to detection of cells and coatings. The lowest set, from 0.5 Hz to 195 Hz extends down to frequencies used for electrochemical applications.

Each application requires a specific front end and a specific type and arrangement of electrodes for excitation and response measurement with the object. Data processing in the host system enables visualisation, extracting information, modelling and classification.



  • Simultaneous 15-frequency measurement for detecting subtle changes
  • Real-time 1000 measurements per second sampling rate enables to monitor rapid changes
  • Compact size suitable for embedding in OEM devices
  • Patented technology based on 40 years of experience in impedance measurement
  • Software enables simple customisation for any application

Technical specs

  • Spectrogram Acquisition Period: 1 ms
  • Number of Frequencies: 15
  • Excitation waveform: novel spectrally sparse signal
  • Power USB bus: 500 mA (2.5 VA), or internal battery (8 h autonomous operation)
  • Module dimensions: 110 mm × 60 mm × 20 mm

Quadra Evaluation Kit

Quadra Evaluation Kit is a powerful real time impedance spectroscopy solution. The kit includes two front-ends for experimenting and provisional set-up. Quadra also includes a stand-alone utility for rapid setup with data recording and visualisation and a LabView program.


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