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Real time location systems (RTLS) give management more transparency of what goes on the warehouse floor. Tracking equipment utilization data has so far been a complicated and expensive process. As a result, companies are often operating with more equipment than needed and pay for unnecessary maintenance and incident costs.

Real time forklift data analysis creates valuable insights that lead to direct cost savings such as average downtime and optimal fleet size. Moreover, equipment maintenance costs can be optimised through better forklift tracking. Closer operator performance monitoring is important for preventing accidents.


  • 1-2 year return on investment estimation in warehousing
  • FCC and CE certified technology
  • Open API for seamless integration
  • Plug-and-play system enabling quick and easy installation
  • Easily scalable and extendable system

How our technology works?

KIO RTLS consists of anchors that are mounted on walls and tags that are attached to tracked assets. The ultra wideband (UWB) radio technology enables to locate the object multiple times per second.

KIO RTLS is both FCC and CE certified and therefore safe and suitable for mission critical applications. It is designed to be scalable so that it can be easily deployed for tracking hundreds of objects.

The RTLS can be easily integrated into the client’s existing proprietary inventory management or forklift software. It enables to generate granular metrics on the location of key equipment and workforce. The technology can also be used for building collision avoidance systems that enable to avoid costly and dangerous workplace accidents.

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