Indrek Ruiso

CEO | about

Indrek is in charge of the daily operations in Eliko. He was also one of the company’s founders back in 2004. Indrek has extensive experience in the electronics industry and has been working in different leadership positions since the mid ‘90s. He was the founder and CEO of MicroLink Electronics, a large electronics manufacturer. Indrek is equally comfortable among researchers and industry leaders and has a unique skill to bridge the two communities.

Alan Kalda

Quadra Sales Engineer | about

Alan has a background in engineering physics and works with Eliko’s Quadra impedance technology. He has a unique skill of explaining complex technological principles to everyday users. Alan is thorough and methodical about his work and has earned our clients’ trust.

Karin Aksalu

Office Manager | about

Karin has a broad range of responsibilities as the office manager. She manages the Competence Centre program reporting, takes care of human resources and makes sure the company runs smoothly. Karin has almost a decade of experience in administrative management and has broad knowledge in European Commission R&I funding and reporting.

Jaanus Sepp

Technical Project Manager | about

Jaanus is a seasoned embedded engineer with more than 10 years of leadership experience. He is coordinating our engineering projects from initial ideas to final products. Jaanus ensures that Eliko’s products are truly future-proof and delivered to our customers on time.

Liisa Parv

Business Development Manager | about

Liisa is in charge of lead generation and marketing in Eliko. She was previously the head of a health care technology industry organization and still has deep interest in the field. Liisa is involved with both the strategic development of the company as well as managing the inbound marketing and communications strategy for Eliko.

Kaspar Kasak

KIO RTLS Sales Engineer | about

Kaspar is helping our customers develop solutions based on the KIO RTLS. He is a software engineer himself and has a good technical understanding about our products and systems. Kaspar is a passionate problem-solver who never turns down a good challenge.