Embedded biosensing

Eliko and the Tallinn University of Technology have 40 years of experience in electrical impedance research and product development. We continuously design novel methods to improve the properties characterization of different tissues and materials.

Eliko develops electrical impedance based methods for energy efficient and reliable data acquisition and system identification including optimal sensing methods, excitation signals, signal processing algorithms and hardware solutions.

Selected projects

Central Blood Pressure Measurement

The project develops a new non-invasive central aortic blood pressure measurement system. Analysing central aortic blood pressure waveform enables to accurately assess a patient's cardiovascular health.

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The technology is based on bioimpedance measurement. Blood pressure is measured non-invasively on the patient’s wrist. This is then mapped to correspond with the central aortic blood pressure curve through a transfer function.

Central blood pressure is a better predictor for cardiovascular health than the standard brachial pressure. The technology will enable to develop a new, non-invasive central blood pressure measurement device.

Smart Needle

The project develops new applications for the smart sensor needle with tissue identifying bioimpedance processing device.

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The solution is based on the Quadra impedance mapping system integrated with Injeq’s custom software for tissue identification.

The smart needle can be customised for different clinical applications. It is already used in lumbar puncture, spinal anaesthesia and intra-articular injections for orthopaedics and rheumatology.

Injeq Case study

Kidney Phantom

The project develops an ultrasound-compatible medical training device that integrates a 3D human kidney replica with a bioimpedance probe.

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The training device mimics the physical structure and tactile properties of a real human kidney. The bioimpedance probe is based on the Quadra impedance mapping to recognise the different structural elements of the kidney replica and thereby help guide the user.


SafeToAct medical training device is used in medical schools and teaching hospitals to help physicians develop hand-to-eye coordination for interventional radiology and urology procedures.

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