manufacturing efficiency

How Indoor Positioning Technology Can Improve Efficiency in Manufacturing?

Increasing productivity remains one of the main challenges for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing is a complex enterprise with intertwined machines,

New spin-off in motion sensing for rehabilitation

In cooperation with the Estonian Society of Multiple Sclerosis, Eliko has developed a solution to improve the care of patients

Ending the year on a high

2016 has been a great year for Eliko and an exciting time for the industry. This year, our customers trusted

How To Choose the Right Indoor Positioning System?

This is a question I often see in forums and social media and that also comes up frequently with prospective clients.

Quadra impedance patent published

New patent published

Researchers and engineers from Eliko and the Tallinn University of Technology have jointly published a patent regarding impedance measurement technology.

smart city communication

The most important local area wireless communication technologies for smart cities

Over the years I have come across a range of different communication technologies in developing IoT products. Communication is always

industry 4.0 RTLS

Industry 4.0 comes to the production line

Whether you call it the fourth industrial revolution or the industrial internet, Industry 4.0 is a vision that promises to

3 things you have asked me about the KIO RTLS

KIO RTLS enables to track any object with 30cm accuracy both in- and outdoors. I’ve talked with many engineers and managers that

bioimpedance smart needle injeq

Quadra powers the new generation smart needle

Eliko helped Injeq to develop a new generation smart needle for real-time tissue identification using Quadra bioimpedance spectroscopy.

smart city Tallinn Eliko

Smart street lighting system monitors the environment and traffic in Tallinn

Eliko has developed a demo street in Tallinn to show how modern street lighting infrastructures can be used to gather

Sensors and intelligent street lighting in Tallinn

Eliko has developed a Smart Street concept in Tallinn


Eliko supporting the largest robotic event in the Nordics

Eliko is proud to be one of the sponsors of the international robotics competition Robotex 2015, which takes place in