Eliko offers a range of embedded sensing and communication technologies fit for the future Internet of Things environment. Our employees have 15+ years of experience in designing solutions for different industries, e.g. health care and industrial production. 

As one of the main sources of competence for the Estonian ICT and electronics industry, Eliko has been developing Estonian ICT capabilities, digital standards and public services for over 10 years already in tight cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology.  


 Our Research & Development Competence

Eliko has more than ten years of practical experience in the development of complex embedded hardware and software systems. Today the company has mainly focused its R&D activities into the following sub-fields: 

    • Sensing and signal processing
    • Wireless communication in smart environment
    • Software applications for smart environment

The specific technologies that we relay on are: energy efficient signal processing and distributed sensing, RFID/NFC and wireless communication, semantics and ontologies for interoperability and software applications, model-based design and testing. Main application fields include healthcare, telemedicine, environment monitoring, access control solutions, printed-circuit board and distributed software testing. For more information, see section "Research Projects".


Competence Centre Program

Eliko is part of the Competence Center Program financed by Enterprise Estonia. For more information, see section "Partners". The mission of the Program is to improve the competitiveness of Estonian ICT industry through the collaboration of top research institutions and businesses in the fields of electronics- and ICT.


The Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship visited ELIKO

26.08.2014 17:39

 The Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship Anne Sulling visited ELIKO on 26th of August 2014. The aim of the visit was to learn and examine the developmental trends of Estonian Competence Centres while standing ahead the call for proposals of the new period (2015-2022) Estonian Competence Centre Program.


Find out more about Kio Ranging

20.06.2014 15:16




ELIKO is in the Top 10 semifinalists of IPSO Challenge 2014

15.05.2014 19:59


IPSO Alliance annonced the Top 10 semifinalists of the IoT competition 2014.





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