Eliko offers a range of embedded sensing and communication technologies fit for the future Internet of Things environment. Our employees have 15+ years of experience in designing solutions for different industries, e.g. health care and industrial production. Eliko's competence areas are:

    • Sensing and signal processing in the IoT
    • Wireless communication and services in the IoT

As one of the main sources of competence for the Estonian ICT and electronics industry, Eliko has been developing Estonian ICT capabilities, digital standards and public services for over 10 years already in tight cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology.  

The specific technologies that we relay on are: energy efficient signal processing and distributed sensing, wireless communication (e.g. IEEE 802.15.4-2011 UWB), interoperability of devices and software applications. For more information, see section "Research Projects". 

 is part of the Competence Center Program with the mission to improve the competitiveness of the Estonian ICT industry. Eliko will help companies in need of applied research and development in electronics- and ICT related technologies. For more information, see the section "Partners".

Eliko to develop a Smart Street in Kalaranna

10.08.2015 13:43
Eliko will develop a smart street in Tallinn, which will enable to create new smart services and monitor the urban environment. Kalaranna is a 1,75km long street in the heart of the city that brings together the seaside area of central Tallinn. The street will have 118 luminaires and 8 different sensors. The smart street is based on the SmartELI street lighting control system that has created an IoT network all across the city. The open lamp-based control system is based on 6LowPAN network and thus enables seamless integration of third party sensors. Kalaranna Smart Street will enable the municipal government to get better information about the city and enable research into how smart services can support the wellbeing of individuals. 

Eliko to receive 7mEUR to develop IoT products and services

01.08.2015 16:12
Estonian Government and European Regional Fund will invest 7 million euros in Eliko over the next years. The grant is part of the Competence Centre Program which aims to help Estonian companies to develop competitive products and services in key technology areas. Eliko will become the knowledge centre for Internet of Things (IoT) related technologies in Estonia and will help 19 companies in their development process.

Tallinn will use Eliko's SmartEli Control System

01.02.2015 11:34
As of 1 st February, 2015, Eliko's SmartELI system will control all of Tallinn's streetlights. The capital of Estonia has decided to renew its street light control system that will enable the city to flexibly manage ca 56 000 streetlights. Eliko's partners in the Tallinn project are power grid manager Elektrilevi and international professional services company Empower . Eliko's SmartEli system now controls more than 75 000 street lights all across Estonia.  



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E-mail: info@eliko.ee