About Us

ELIKO Technology Competence Centre in Electronics-, Info- and Communication Technologies was established in 2004 as an independent state supported research organization focusing on industrial and applied research in the area of smart environment systems. It has spun off from Tallinn University of Technology and its Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics and Department of Computer Science who in collaboration with private companies have formed its consortia. Together with government aid and access to top Estonian scientific know-how, it enables to reduce the risks of ICT technology development and validation for its partner companies. Since 2004 ELIKO has also participated in various FP6, FP7, Marie Curie, Eurostars and other international projects.


The mission of ELIKO is to improve the competitiveness of Estonian ICT industry through the collaboration of top research institutions and businesses in the fields of electronics-, info- and communication technologies. 


Our Research

ELIKO team and its partners have more than ten years of practical experience in the development of complex embedded hardware and software systems. Today ELIKO has mainly focused its R&D activities into the following sub-fields:


    • Sensing and signal processing
    • Wireless communication in smart environment
    • Software applications for smart environment
    • Software and hardware testing


The specific technologies that we relay on are: energy efficient signal processing and distributed sensing, RFID/NFC and wireless communication, semantics and ontologies for interoperability and software applications, model-based design and testing. Main application fields include healthcare, telemedicine, environment monitoring, access control solutions, printed-circuit board and distributed software testing. For more information, see section "Research Projects".


The centre has an access to various electronic measurement equipment and modern rapid prototyping tools. The usual outcome of ELIKO's activities is a “proof of concept” demonstrator simplifying the product development steps for our partner companies.


Our Consortia

ELIKO Technology Competence Center together with seven other competence centers is part of the Competence Center Program financed by Enterprise Estonia. Members of the current ELIKO consortia are: Regio AS, East-Tallinn Central Hospital, Elvior OÜ, Girf OÜ, North Estonia Medical Centre etc. For more information, see section "Partners".


Estonian Public Broadcasting visited ELIKO

07.04.2014 14:26


On 11th of March Estonian Public Broadcasting visited ELIKO Competence Centre. Researchers of ELIKO demonstrated our research field and achivements in


Eliko Competence Centre and Lade LLC signed a contract to develop an intelligent life jacket

13.02.2014 13:21


ELIKO Competence Centre starts cooperation with LLC Lade and Tallinn University of Technology to develop a new generation intelligent life jacket that will provide necessary health state information to the user via radio signals.


Eliko is supporting Robotex 2013

08.10.2013 16:01


Eliko is supporting Robotex 2013 which is held at the TUT Sports Hall from 16 to 17 November.




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E-mail: info@eliko.ee